Rodent, rat, mice, vermin baiting

Rodent, rat, mice, vermin baiting from High Tech Pest Control

By: High Tech Pest Control  23-May-2012
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Rodent baiting installed to provide a rapid eradication of rats or mice from your home or commercial premises. Utmost care to place baits securely in weatherproof or cardboard units. Sealing of entry points offered. Service includes practical solutions to reduce presence of rodents and to prevent future

infestations. Every effort made to protect pets, wildlife and inhabitants from baits used for rodents.

Fast response time as this is essential to manage a rodent problem efficiently.

Rat baiting provided to demolition companies for affordable fees.

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Flea Spray

Total flea treatments inside and outside to lasting flea free protection.


Rodent Baiting Certificate

Council requirements are met with a baiting procedure followed by Certificate of Rodent Baiting emailed to client with all details.


bee removal

Bees are eliminated from your location quickly and without danger . Bee activity ceased in minutes.


Termite treatment by foaming for cavity walls

Foaming of termiticide inside cavity walls is a professional and discrete way to apply termite protection


Rat and Mice Rodent management

Complete rat and mouse managment with effective baiting and risk reduction advice. Protect your home and valuables from rodent invaders this winter!


Termite Barrier Treatment

High Tech Pest Control gets results!


Termite Inspection

     Termite Inspections are a budget friendly method of assessing any termite activity and termite damage at your home.  When we


Building Inspection

Pre Purchase Timber pest Inspection specialists. We cover the roof to the sub floor, front yard to the rear and everything in between!


Pet Bond Flea Spray

Combine our flea spray and steam cleaning of carpets and tiles for added savings for rental vacates. Ring now! Averil 0432 861 370


Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection

A Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection is a speicalist service done on Reporting Standards Australia electronic format.  Our qualified technician expertly examines

Spider Spray for domestic and commercial premises from High Tech Pest Control thumbnail

Spider Spray for domestic and commercial premises

Spider Sprays are done meticulously to all visible webs outside the house and the roof void on request. Low risk to pets and children, advise to remove pet bowls and all washing/clothes from outside areas before spray begins. If you have birds or fish you need to remove them or cover them for safety. All occupants should leave the home for 2 hours after the spray is applied or alternatively stay indoors with windows closed. Book now! Its the right time of year! 0432 861 370 Averil


Termite exclusion zone

Termites are destructive and make you fearful of the extent of the damage they have caused so you will be relieved that you have chosen High Tech Pest Control which will treat you home, rid you of termites and give you 100% reassurance.