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Cockroaches treated from High Tech Pest Control

By: High Tech Pest Control  25-Nov-2012
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Cockroaches are more prevalent in the warmer months. We provide professional treatments to all affected areas for a fast knockdown and then information for ongoing management of the situation and to keep numbers down to zero! CLEAN your KITCHEN Wash down cupboards inside with hot soapY WATER to corners, and at join of shelves to wall. Wash the top of cupboards Avoid over wetting: dry laminate thoroughly to avoid damage ALSO PAY ATTENTION TO Cleaning: • Under the oven • behind the fridge • side of oven if you can reach**Do not move oven as this may damage gas fitting • extraction fan or range hood (sometimes filters can be cleaned in dishwasher machine) • seals of the fridge, cupboard door hinges Clean using for example Sugar soap® for grease and dirt (rinse well before use) DO THIS EVERY DAY : • Wipe down bench tops and table every evening after meals (all traces of food removed) • Wash all dirty dishes every night • Remove the bin contents daily to the outside wheelie bin • Uneaten pet food discarded or sealed in container • Pour hot soapy water down all drains last thing at night- sink, laundry and toilet • Dispose of all dead or squashed cockroaches by picking up in a tissue and flushing or put in outside bin MODIFY THE ENVIRONMENT to reduce breeding Seal cracks and crevices: • Seal the open edge of tiles • seal lifted edges of linoleum (glue down) • fix any loose fitting edging on laminate floors • Fix leaking taps, repair plumbing to leaky areas FOOD • Store all food in sealed containers • discard unused, rotten food in the bin This will help to maintain your home cockroach free. If you need a professional treatment, please contact me at any time.

Keywords: Cockroach Spray

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