M1FC members hit their weight loss goals

M1FC members hit their weight loss goals from M1FC

By: M1FC  19-May-2011
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This is an article from in my community newspaper website, link attached below:

"IN about two years, Boyd Wimshurst has gone from a 104kg asthmatic who struggled to get through the day to a svelte 70kg kickboxer preparing for his first amateur bout.

Boyd and his wife Erin moved from South Australia a few years ago and the pair decided something had to be done about their weight and fitness, and kickboxing proved to be the solution.

Boyd admitted he wasn’t in the best shape when he first met kickboxing instructor Stephen Walton: “Yeah, I was carrying a little bit extra, I was about 104.5kg.”

Walton said the pair started training with him about two years ago when he was conducting small classes at a local hall.

When he opened his new Mach 1 Fightclub fitness and martial arts centre in Joondalup last year, the pair continued to train and began to see big results.

“I’m sitting at 70kg at the moment, I did get down to about 65kg but I’ve put about 5kg back on in muscle,” Boyd said.

While weight loss and fitness were motivating factors, a primary goal was to improve his general health, which was suffering.

“I’m an asthmatic as well; I went from needing my ventilator every day to now, I don’t use it at all, for about 12 months now,” he said.

“I just became a different person, my attitude became more positive, I changed just about everything, I stopped eating all sorts of junk food, I stopped drinking altogether.”

He is now preparing for his first WA amateur Muay Thai bout this month.

“I’m just testing the water, my cardio side is something that I have worked really hard on, that side of it shouldn’t be a problem, it’s just my technical skills,” he said.

While Erin has no immediate plans to take up kickboxing bouts, she also made big gains after she joined the club.

“She started around the same time that I did; I think she lost between 10 and 15kg,” Boyd said.

“She used to be a dancer and once she stopped that, she put on weight and didn’t do much physical work.”

Walton and Habby Heske own and operate Mach 1 Fightclub, which opened a second centre in Joondalup last year after the success of their first centre in Osborne Park.

Other classes include boxing for fitness, Brazilian jujitsu and mixed martial arts"

Link for full story: wannerooweekender.inmycommunity.com.au/news-and-views/local-business/Asthmatic-kick-starts-his-way-to-a-new-life/7583960/

Other male and female members have achieved their goals at M1FC, whether it is weight loss, strength gain, fitness, learn new skills or compete in one of the martial arts. Come and try out our facilities at Joondalup and Osborne Park.

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