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By: Helena Valley Chiropractic  06-Jun-2012
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CHIROPRACTIC Every function of your body (every moment of your life) is coordinated and controlled by your miraculous brain and nervous system. The adult spine consists of 24 movable bone segments called vertebra, the sacrum and the coccyx. Nerves pass through openings between each vertebra. Vital information is carried along nerves between the brain, the organs, muscles and tissues. A misalignment of a spinal vertebra (called a subluxation) can interfere with the transmission of vital nerve information to or from the brain. A misalignment of the bones in the skull can interfere with that relay of information. Your muscles and bones form your physical structure. Muscles move bones and muscles hold bones in place. A weak muscle can cause pain and spasm. This can cause joint inflammation (arthritis or osteoarthritis) and can damage joints and surrounding tissue (degenerative joint disease). When these misalignments or subluxations are long standing, they create degeneration of the spine and its discs, an uncomfortable and painful malady. This is not a normal part of aging and is beneficially affected through Chiropractic treatment. This degenerative process can be slowed or halted by proper Chiropractic “adjustments” that remove nerve pressures and allow the vital nerve force or information to reach the dis-eased parts of your body. Removing irritation and pressure permits the restoration of health and energy to flow back into the affected areas. LOW FORCE CHIROPRACTIC TECHNIQUES Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) Gentle method of realigning the body by positioning the sacrum with the occipital. Sacro Occipital Research Society Activator Method Well researched chiropractic technique using a reliable modern activator instrument that delivers a low force, specific adjustment, that is gentle for everyone. Activator Methods International Low Force All our Chiropractors utilise low force manipulation techniques specialising in Activator Methods. The Activator instrument delivers a controlled, light, and fast thrust to the exact area of the body, allowing for a more precise adjustment without strain to the body. There has been a vast amount of Chiropractic research carried out over the past fifty years and in all the various research papers the results have come out showing overwhelmingly positive results. Research has been carried out into headaches, asthma, colic, repetitive strain injuries, whiplash and cranial injuries as well as post operative recovery rates. Is Chiropractic claimable under medicare? Yes. MEDICARE ON CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT (CDM) The CDM program was introduced in 1999 to encourage multidisciplinary care and improve the management of chronic disease. In July 2004 the Federal Government introduced Allied Health Medical Benefits Schedule items to the program. These items were designed to improve care of persons with chronic conditions and complex care needs by funding a limited number of allied health services for patients in the CDM program. Do I qualify for the CDM program and what must I do? Usually Patients who have a chronic or terminal condition can have a GP Management Plan service and Patients who have complex care needs can also have a Team Care Arrangements service. The best thing is to contact your local doctor and see if you are eligible for the program. If you are eligible, medicare can cover up to 5 visits from allied health services a year, this includes physiotherapy. Patients must pay up front and present their paperwork to medicare for claiming of chiropractic services under the CDM program. Remember without the appropriate paperwork done by your local doctor, you will not be able to claim chiropractic services off medicare. Talk to your doctor first before making an appointment.

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