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Stargazing and Tour Guiding of Astronomy from GINGIN OBSERVATORY

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Gingin Observatory is located on Military Road in the Shire of Gingin, a one hour car drive north of Perth. It is situated in natural bushland Gingin Observatory’s essential quality is that it shows off WA’s most spectacular natural asset, our night sky, in an environment that is second to none in the world. The facility is purpose built to engage visitors in astronomy and stargazing nights, thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to an effortless interpretive experience. . A typical stargazing night allows visitors to experience the wonders of space by viewing through telescopes, engaging with astronomer guides and by interacting during big screen presentations that highlight Earth’s place in the Universe. The product is characteristically entertaining, informative and presented in such a way that visitors with no immediate knowledge of astronomy easily understand the concepts. Visitors are able to look through telescopes to see such objects as Saturn and its rings, or the dust and gas within the Orion Nebula. These views are quite awe inspiring and ensure that visitors leave with a sense of wonder at their world and the Universe. These include night time stargazing events, daytime solar viewing tours, special events such as lunar eclipses, visiting astronomers, telescope classes, school holiday events, National Science Week events, bus tour options and Aboriginal astronomy nights. These services are provided to both the tourism and education sectors for domestic and international visitors. The Observatory also offers a telephone bookings service, online bookings system, retail shop for educational and take-home astronomy souvenirs, tea and coffee facilities for night time tours and a tourism information service for suggestions on accommodation, meals and other activities in the region. Astro fact: Did you know that if you drove a car at 100km/hr, it would take an average of 160 days to reach the moon! Prior to stargazing, visitors can delight in the natural bushland that surrounds the Observatory. Birds, kangaroos, peace and quiet, smells of the bush and wildflowers are all wonderful experiences for visitors from cities. After stargazing, the experience of darkness is also very special.

Keywords: Astronomy, Planets, Stargazing

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