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At the Gingin Observatory visitors experience the wonders of space by viewing through our telescopes, engaging with astronomers and by interacting during a big screen presentation that highlights our beautiful universe. The Gingin Observatory building is split into two easily accessible ground-level areas. Walk into our reception/shop and theatre room where we begin the session with an introduction and presentation. Our viewing area has a fully retractable 7.5 tonne roof driven by a motor on either side. Once open our astronomers will take you on a laser-guided tour of the stars & constellations before introducing you to our telescopes. "Obsession", the largest in available for public access in Australia will take you on a journey into deep space & beyond. While waiting your turn, check out our beautiful night sky with our high magnification binoculars. Have you ever gazed up into the night sky and wanted to know more about the mysteries that lay within the darkness? At the Gingin Observatory just a glance through a powerful telescope and some words of wisdom from the night sky enthusiasts can unlock at least some of the secrets of the universe. Our telescopes take you hurtling back in time revealing space as it was thousands years ago. If you're viewing a star that is 5,000 light years away then you are actually seeing the light from that star as it was 5,000 years ago because that's how long it takes the light to reach us here on Earth. This is just one of the fascinating facts you'll walk away with thanks to our astronomers who are on hand to answer your questions and reveal what you're seeing through the telescopes. You will learn about "galactic cannibalism"... apparently big galaxies are rather partial to smaller ones and are prone to gobble them up!. There are also the planets.....Saturn, Mars or Jupiter - at specific times of the year, It's enough to make your mind boggle, so come along and join us for an entertaining evening and see some of the great wonders of our beautiful and brilliant universe!.

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Gingin Observatory’s essential quality is that it shows off WA’s most spectacular natural asset, our night sky,