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Keywords: Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution


Mediation is the process of facilitating discussions between two or more parties at conflict, with a co-operative approach in the hope of reaching a consensual resolution. Mediation should be considered as early as possible after a dispute has arisen as it is likely to be quicker and more cost-effective than the more formal practices. Mediation can be completed within hours rather than weeks or months.

Mediation is a very practical tool and has proven to be highly successful in resolving conflict. This is explained by the fact that it can both resolves issues by developing a mutually satisfying plan and addresses the emotional aspects of conflict

Mediation is suitable for those experiencing problems with a range of issues including but not limited to:

>> Resolving interpersonal conflict (family, friends, partner, colleagues)

>> Dividing property

>> Civil matters

>> Workplace issues such as performance management, bullying and harassment etc.

Keywords: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Dispute Resolution, Family Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Mediation Services, Workplace Mediation

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