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By: Ellenbrook Chiropractic and Wellness Centre  27-Nov-2012
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Nutrition Centre Good nutrition is a vital foundation for good health and disease prevention. It must consist of eating the right foods and taking key nutritional supplements. The most important foods you should be consuming are those that produce the least amount of inflammation within your body. The reason most people develop a disease is because the foods they eat are inflammatory. Experts call this Systemic Inflammation. This is different than acute local inflammation from an injury such as a sprained ankle. Systemic Inflammation is a chronic, low-grade inflammatory reaction to certain foods we eat. Sugar, flour, trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oils), vegetable and seed oils, and meat and eggs from grain-fed animals cause the release of excessively high amounts of inflammatory chemicals that cause tissue destruction, DNA damage and contribute to eventual disease. Research now shows that poor dietary habits create a state of systemic Inflammation that contributes to the development of many diseases. This may also affect the state of a persons microbiome or our inner commensual gut bacteria. Most doctors and patients are managing these common diseases with medications to control the symptoms. However, the underlying cause of most chronic diseases is not the lack of medicine but a failure to assist patients in making positive therapeutic lifestyle choices or (TLC). Medication is not fixing the problem. It is simply controlling the problem. At Ellenbrook Chiropractic and Wellness Centre we provide selected nutrition supplements that are based to enhance positive lifestyle choices. We also provide appropriate advice to deal with the common western lifestyle diseases. Our goal is to help our patients eat well, exercise much and live long.

Keywords: Exercise Training, Health Food, Health Foods, Health Supplements, Lose Weight, Nutrition, Personal Fitness

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