New design hat and device that keeps hats from flying away in the wind

New design hat and device that keeps hats from flying away in the wind from Hatrixhats

By: Hatrixhats  27-Nov-2014
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Hatrix is The best thing for hats since the invention of sliced bread. The reason all headwear fly's of your head is because of our hair, how can a hat ever stay sitting on a slippery head of hair, that it is asking to much and does not happen. Hatris is a comfortable soft Silicon strip with many flexible fingers that are designed to slide through your hair allowing your hat to engage with your head, This allows air flow between your head and hat keeping you dry and cool, the breeze does actually get under your hat while you are wearing it, as a draught through a crack in a door does. When the wind blows you only need to wriggle your hat down and the fingers simply fold up and now your hat is hugging you, The wind will not blow it away. Great for caps as well as hats. No more holding onto your hat. No more wet hat head look. No more choking draw stings. No more wet hair. No more wet hats. No more chasing your hat down the street or overboard on a boat. No more ill fitting hats as Hatrix shapes the headwear to you head. Yes the list goes on. The ONLY drawback is that you do need to have a hat one size bigger to make room for a Hatrix Band in your hat or cap, 1 finger width larger is a good guide, if you can fit your finger loosely under your hat then the Hatrix band will fit, but not bigger than that. _________________________________________________________________________________ HATS The Hatrix Hat is designed to fit most mid range sizes from 55 cm to 59 cm for ladies and 55 cm and 60 cm for men. The sides adjusts to the fit you need, Ladies can wear the men’s hat if they need it larger simply add a lovely scarf to it. _________________________________________________________________________________

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