Cross Cultural Facilitation Tips

By: Facilitators Inner Circle  06-Feb-2013
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Cross Cultural Facilitation Tips As facilitators working with people of different cultural backgrounds, we can easily become overwhelmed. We get concerned about offending people, not including people and not understanding each other. Working across cultures isn't limited to people of different ethnicities. Culture can also differ based on workplace and age demographics. These five quick tips are prompts to get you started. 1. Think about language Sounds kind of obvious, but often missed. Consider the language skills of the group you'll be working with. Will the written materials need to be translated? What reasources do you have available to do this? What are the consequences of not doing this? If using a an interpreter be sure that they have an understanding of the workshop topic. It's going to be a long day if you're focusing on horticulture and the interpreter doesn't know the difference between a herbicide and a pesticide! 2. Understand the cultural characteristics of the group Often we get caught up on our differences, the things that might make us feel uncomfortable. Do some work to think about the commonalities that you have with the workshop participants and how you can build on this throughout the workshop program. 3. Adjust Say you're working with a remote Indigenous community. Is part of their daily pattern to attend a workshop with a stranger from the city? Think about some of their daily routines and how you can adapt to fit in with these. This could include the timing of the workshop and length of breaks. Is using lots of written materials the norm, or would pictures be more appropriate? 4. Multicultural groups Plan well ahead. Get in touch with the participants beforehand to find out more about them. Spend plenty of time listening to them and their stories. Start the workshop by getting participants to show on a world map where they're from and have some discussion about the things they love about their countries of origin. 5. Connect across generations Consider where the people in the group are in their life stage. What language would ring true with them? What might have been important to them when they were your age? What were you doing when you were their age? What's changed? This could This could be a good topic to get a workshop moving! Want more? These are all very brief insights, literally just opening the door ajar! If you'd like to pull the door wide open and go into more detail then get a hold of our current newsletter by becomeing a member of the Facilitators Inner Circle

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