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By: Creative Possibility  07-Sep-2011
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"I recommend working with Shannon Bush to any business owners interested in expanding their vision and creativity Through working with Shannon I have increased confidence and clarity in designing and leading my business. Shannon understands the importance of business being in line with your values and is very insightful in how to create socially responsible enterprise. She gives support, encouragement and very creative ideas My favourite thing about working with Shannon (and I have worked with a number of business “coaches / strategists”) is that she takes the time to understand my business, what it means to me and the value I wish to provide to my clients. This means that all advice and support is given with these core goals in mind Shannon is multi-modal in her support. She doesn’t give you an idea and then send you off to a copywriter or a designer. She helps you from the point of generating an idea right through the process to executing it. In my experience this is rare and invaluable, because it means that we journey together, with her able to give advice and support along the way. This is a unique element to her support and I sincerely appreciate it" Tasha Broomhall Director, Blooming Minds Perth, Western Australia --- "Before I began working with Shannon I was unstructured, confused and despondent as my business ideas that seemed such a perfect fit for my passions were simply not enough to propel me into action. Shannon has helped me to gain clarity over my goals and business vision, and most importantly give me the encouragement and accountability that I need to make my dreams a reality. Each fortnight I can feel the possibility of making my income from my passion becoming a reality as we set new goals and work through existing blocks as Shannon dips into her toolbox of strategies to help me realise my vision. In the short time we have been working together a few of the big changes I have experienced are to finally release an old business name that held negative energy, discovered a new name that really captures what I hope to achieve in the world, formulated a brilliant sales page and made great progress towards developing a product path. I can't thank her enough for her encouragement, insights and firm pressure to expect more from myself - and deliver" Nicky Tillyer ~ Artful Genius Melbourne, Victoria --- "Before I began working with Shannon I was lacking in focus and energy, I had a dream to have more time with my family and create a business with my talents and gifts and really had no time to spend creating the life I wanted. During our time together I receive clear direction with purposeful processes to gain powerful insights, praise and acknowledgement. I notice that Shannon uses her wealth of knowledge and skills married with finely attuned intuition to really name and ask those delving questions that get to the root of what is going on. As a result I have more energy, I have made committed steps to creating my own business venture. My advice for those thinking of working with Shannon is You are worth it! Your Inspirations and Your Dreams! deserve to be Your reality! so go for it" Myola Violet Taree, New South Wales --- "Shannon is an example of a Creative Biz Goddess - she bring a high level of passion and creativity to helping women unveil their radiance and turn their passions into prosperity. I highly recommend Shannon's creative vision and support" Dr Laura Dessauer, Creativity Queen Sarasota, Florida USA --- “Before participating in the coaching sessions with Shannon I was working solidly on my own freelance photography business. I was regularly achieving goals and making great progress but strangely, and at the same time, I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and unable to relax in my free time, had frequent negative thoughts on a daily basis and eventually violent nightmares By participating in the coaching sessions with Shannon I have gained a greater understanding and clarity about these negative thought patterns and how destructive they can be. I also became aware that they were as a result of deep seeded insecurities and decisions I had made that were not “in-sync” with my core values. I was basically on my way to building a business/life that was not going to make me happy As a result of what I have learnt about myself I have a new sense of self acceptance and confidence that is natural and not ego driven. I feel confident that I am making far more authentic decisions on a daily basis. I also have the confidence to look back on each day and recognise when I have tried my best and celebrate that. This is now, and always should be, enough. The business is still growing and hasn’t been effected by my new time commitments with Shannon, in fact working with Shannon doesn't feel like a lot of time at all considering the results I am seeing. My coaching sessions brighten my otherwise very busy and solitary work life and have given me the time to look back on each weeks worth of achievements as well as the things I need to improve upon I was so fortunate to find Shannon and it took me quite sometime to find the right coach. As soon as I met Shannon I felt the “click”. Once you get that, do not delay. If anything holds you back from commencing such an exciting venture as working with a coach, make sure what holds you back is not driven by fear or a sense of lack and scarcity. If you are passionate about your business you WILL make it - Well all I can say is “...nothing ventured, nothing gained...” Heather Robbins, Red Images Fine Photography Finalist Australian Professional Photographers Industry Awards --- Nicki McKenzie - Owner, Director; Transforming Teams Perth, Western Australia “Shannon's expertise, creativity and support have been of great assistance to me in bringing clarity to key areas in my business. I recommend Shannon without hesitation to everyone who would like more clarity in their lives, it is very empowering. The journey has only just begun for me as I build and expand my business providing incredible team building opportunities for organisations. In fact, I got so much out of working with Shannon that I invited her to work as a coach in my business because I knew that she would provide a unique, professional and results oriented service for my clients and their teams” ---

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