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By: Pyxis Management Services  08-Mar-2011
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Record Management (Bookkeeping) – regularly maintaining financial records requires time and effort that you might believe would be better spent on running your business. However accurate, complete and timely record keeping practises can save you money and help you:

- Determine income and expenses to create Profit & Loss Statements

- Identify assets and liabilities to create balance sheets

- Pinpoint timing of income and expense to create cash flow forecasting

- Lodge accurate Business Activity Statements (BAS) on time to avoid penalties

- Analyse gross and net profit margin ratios

Credit Management – controlling & collecting payments from customers.

Invoicing promptly ; review terms and conditions and ensure these are adhered to; follow up on late payments; minimise bad debts & outline recovery options

Labour & Human Resources Management – meeting your legal obligations in regard to time and wage record keeping, determining the different types of employment you can offer staff; employer obligations regarding Industrial Awards; understanding the difference between an employee and a contractor; assist with recruitment and selection processes.

 Promoting and Marketing your Business – identifying and understanding what your customer wants is not just about advertising.

 Project Management - creating and maintaining  up to date record keeping of projects, job sites, and tracking on fixed price and cost plus contracts and Occupational Health and Safety records.


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  Outsourcing your bookkeeping allows you to focus on your business.   It can positively improve efficiencies, save you money and improve the monitoring of your business finances.