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Bunions are a common foot problem which affect the big toe joint, resulting in progressive angular deformity of the big toe. Bunions can affect people of any age or gender and can occur due to hereditary, mechanical or traumatic reasons. Patients that suffer from this problem typically describe problems fitting into normal footwear, shooting pain or numbness across the big toe joint, and concerns of cosmesis. In later stages, the big toe joint may also develop secondary arthritis and associated joint pain, due to the long-standing malalignment of the joint. Surgical correction of bunions is the most commonly performed foot surgery in Australia and can occur through many different techniques and approaches. The surgery is usually associated with a high degree of success and patient satisfaction, and a low recurrence rate.

Keywords: Bunion, Foot Clinic, Foot Orthotics, Heel Pain, Nail Surgery, Podiatry Centre, Podiatry Clinic

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