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Remedial Bodywork RENNAR from Katharlley KeyCell Therapies

By: Katharlley KeyCell Therapies  19-Apr-2012
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RENNAR Therapy

Essentially therapy works with the muscle fibres of the body, as well as the nervous system to stimulate and activate our body's natural endorphins. The brain signals the release of pain killers and healing chemicals including serotonin, nor-epinephrine, and other opioid-like chemicals.

Interactive therapeutic stimulation opens up a dialogue wit the nervous system to prompt the areas receiving therapy to return to a healthy state of nerve innervation. This happens with the release of neuro-peptides which generate a cascade of natural healing hormones. The bio-energetic interaction with the nervous system clears and regulates the neuro-innervation of the nerve energy pathways and so helps restore the flow of energy, in turn facilitates both instant pain relief and healing.

So what does all this REALLY mean, and how will therapy benefit you?

Relieve acute and chronic pain FAST.
Improve function - reduce disability.
Remarkably accelerate recovery times.
Address holistic imbalances.

Is RENNAR suitable for everyone?

YES absolutely!
For conditions that pop up through normal day to day life, to professional sportsmen and women, the elderly and everyone in between. Even for your pets! Dogs, cats, horses and other livestock.

The fact is what ever our age and lifestyle we all have pain and stress in our lives. Therapy is safe, non invasive and suitable for everyone.

What kind of conditions can be treated?

Acute and chronic pain from injury.
Back, neck, and shoulder pain.
Muscle pain and tension due to exertion,fatigue and stress.
Migraine and headaches
Skeletal breaks and fractures.

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