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By: Mailin Colman, Hypnotherapist & Counsellor  02-Feb-2011
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 “Thank you a squillion times for everything you did to help me be more assertive and less stressed. It was so easy too. Your hypnotherapy is worth its weight in gold. I’m not stressing at work either, cos it doesn’t matter anymore if others don’t follow through, it just doesn’t affect me”

“…..after one session my panic attack symptoms had reduced dramatically. After 3 sessions, I was out there facing the world with supreme confidence – symptom free”

“I am MUCH calmer and more positive. I am sleeping better and I feel wonderful. These treatments have saved my life!! Today my Doctor told me I don't need to see him for three months."

“….but most of all, the 2 sessions of hypnotherapy with you was the foundation for change. And now, life on my side could not be more fantastic. I just generally feel more confident and lively, like I can face the world. And it was only because of hypno that I am able to get out and do all these things. Just wanted to say a ‘thank you’…..”

"While I am still symptoming, I find they are not as severe, less frequent and the duration is shorter. I am going to recommend that my doctor refer his patients to you for hypnosis. It really works! I rate my panic attack symptoms at around 2/10!! I feel fantastic and am living life again."

"I have found the eating side of it very easy, I find I am not interested in sweet foods at all and I can’t believe how EASY it’s been"

"I have been very calm and relaxed. I did a presentation at work which normally would have made me panic, but I was totally calm."

"I am a happy bunny!! I find I am letting go and not hanging on like I was. I find I am speaking out more and feeling good about this. This surprises me but I’m so pleased. I have stopped taking sleep medication and am sleeping through the night. I am managing EVERYTHING better and find that life is flowing really nicely."

"I have been feeling SO good and am no longer waking up with a million racing thoughts each morning. I haven’t had one panic attack since the first visit."
[and at follow up one week later]
"Still no panic attacks! I have been motivated, out and about and feeling fabulous."

"I have been RAVING about hypnosis and have recommended this to all of my friends! I have been feeling really, really good and have made some positive changes in my life due to being able to release the pain of the past."

"Just a note to say Hi! And thank you for our sessions. They helped me so much. When I had my ‘treatment’ recently the nurses couldn’t believe how calm I was (neither could I). They even said I didn’t even flinch when the IV was inserted! It was a huge relief to me and a big weight off my shoulders. So thanks again, you have made a difficult time for me so much easier."

Keywords: Hypnotherapy

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