By: 1300SpaHire  20-May-2011
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The latest in from SOFTUB USA, our control panels are being upgraded. New control panels for a Softub is the equivant to a shape change for Mercedes. We need to get rid of the old stock to make way for the new stock. If you have been eyeing off a Softub for a Retail price of $7490.00 how about this for a deal. $6600.00 Delivered to your capital city. Thats right, nearly $1000.00 off and free delivery. This offer is good for all current showroom stock. 4 Resorts, and 4 Legends, all Sapphire Blue. If your in, call 0438 345 835 and take advantage of the offer.


Wrong time of the year? What will be wrong will be the price increase on the new models with the upgraded control panel. C'mon, you'll kick yourself later if you dont take advange of this once in a life time offer. We'll even throw in some chemicals. A bit of pHUp and a bit of pHDown to help get you started. How about a plastic fish :-) ... everyone loves a plastic fish... we have them for spas as well... Free with any SOFTUB purchase   

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