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By: HomeBrite Window Cleaning  17-Apr-2013
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2 Storey homes are more popular in Perth than ever before. Most suburbs, especially the newer ones, always have a percentage of double storey houses. Most of these designs have a lot of window space too, which means more window cleaning. ​ Many years ago, if you owned a 2 storey property in Perth, you were considered "well off ". Now, it's not uncommon for homeowners in Perth to live in a double storey property. These properties still require regular window cleaning as part of their maintenance. 2 Storey Design and Window Cleaning Access There are some lovely double storey homes throughout Perth. Lots of window space and light coming in. Very creative architects, but they don't think about the poor old window cleaner! It can be interesting at times accessing these windows for cleaning. Generally, with my ladders and poles, I are able to reach all the windows. But there are occasionally instances where due to the design of the 2 storey property, there are some windows that I am just unable to clean.​ When up on ladders, safety always comes first. The Increased Need in Perth for Double Storey Window Cleaners Some homeowners throughout Perth choose to clean their own windows, but with double storey properties this isn't always practical or possible. Not everyone is comfortable scaling up a ladder, or have a ladder that reaches high enough. The cost of the ladder alone can buy you the services of a professional window cleaner. Plus the safety aspects of cleaning windows off a ladder need to be taken into consideration.​ A professional window cleaner has the experience to obtain a streak free clean on window glass. It's annoying enough when you've cleaned your own windows on a single storey house, only to see the streaks and smudges from inside. You really don't want to be going up and down a ladder trying to get your windows clean and streak free. Here at HomeBrite Window Cleaning, I specialize in window cleaning. My 2 storey window cleaning service covers most of Perth, so whichever area you may live, let me get those windows in your double storey home sparkling for you! I can also clean any balcony, balustrade and pool glass too.​​​

Keywords: 2 Storey Window Cleaner, Double Storey Window Cleaner, Perth Window Cleaner,

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