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By: Urban Clarity  09-Jul-2016
Keywords: Meditation Perth

Enlightenment - I’ve begun to find more fulfilment and wonder in my life than I’ve ever imagined through Meditation.

Keywords: Meditation Perth

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Couples Counselling Perth

There are so many reasons that couples may seek counselling. I consider counselling to be a wonderful way for couples to resolve issues, see deeper into their own processes and create a deeper and more fulfilling bond. Taking the time out to exclusively listen to one another, and look at ourselves adds a greater depth to the relationship.

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Yoga Services Perth

Some other commonly used wellness approaches include dental checkups, eye exams and chiropractic adjustments. These are just three examples of proactive wellness professions that focus on optimal function and not just waiting for a problem to arise before providing crisis care. Can you imagine if your dentist said “wait until you’re in a lot of pain to come and see me?” I am sure you would have a nice cavity by the time you were in pain!

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Beginners Yoga Perth

Yoga is a mindset and a perspective not only associated with health but also with a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle that may include certain nutritional parameters to minimize chemicals or processed and refined foods. Maybe it also addresses maintaining a certain body weight, includes strength training and aerobic or anaerobic exercising regimes. Yoga practices may also address controlling other recreational substances like cigarettes, alcohol and illicit drug use. Meditation, breathing exercises

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Counselling Perth

There are Yoga coaches, Yoga experts, Yoga practitioners in Perth and the list continues to grow. Optimal health allopathically speaking has always been viewed as freedom from disease, so basically if you weren’t sick you were considered healthy. This perspective has slowly started to change. Most people would agree that absence of disease, sickness or symptoms is a component of Yoga, but does not indicate whether you indeed actually “well” or healthy.

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Yoga Perth

Urban Clarity is a devotion to your health, happiness and freedom and a sharing of our skills we learn on our ongoing adventure towards our goal of higher consciousness! Since 2003 Tao has been in many groups, religious and otherwise in his quest for higher consciousness and the further attainment of skillful means in helping others. He works in the trades and owns a successful trade’s orientated company that acts as an umbrella, supporting his staff in their own personal endeavors in life.