Selling your business? A professionally written profile will tell buyers what they want to know

By: Peter Marinovich  29-Jul-2012
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If your business profile doesn’t hit the right buttons, potential buyers will quickly lose interest in buying your business. To capture buyer attention your profile has to be a unique blend of no-nonsense information, sound presentation and a focus on pertinent facts that are important to buyers. The biggest buyer switch off is a hard sell profile or one containing an endless array of boring, irrelevant details.

Getting the balance of a business profile right takes years of hands-on experience testing various approaches in the real world of business sales. Our business profiles are compiled by a specialist with 10 years of experience as a business broker and 30 years in business writing and marketing communications.

This extremely rare blend of skills has generated sales profiles used in the successful sale of retail, wholesale, services, manufacturing and mining supply companies.

So why should you get us to do your profile? Surely your business broker or a hot shot copywriter could throw something together that would be acceptable?

  • TELL BUYERS WHAT THE WANT TO KNOW: Very few business brokers, copy writers or journalists possess the combination of hands-on business broking experience and writing skills required to produce effective business sales profiles that tell buyers what they need to know in a language they understand. Our profiles re not produced in the detached, unreal offices of copywriters but in the real world of business sales.
  • STAY IN CONTROL OF THE SALES PROCESS: You will retain ownership of your profile giving you the freedom to decide whether to market the business yourself or appoint a broker of your choice.
  • GIVE YOUR BUSINESS THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE OF SELLING: You will know that the profile used to sell your business gives you the best possible chance of capturing buyer interest by focussing on factors important to buyers, not a lot of less important information.
  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: Writing your own profile can be frustrating and time consuming. Unless you know how to do it right, you will either put if off week after week or hurriedly throw something together that will reflect badly on your sales effort.
  • PREPARE YOURSELF FOR BUYER QUERIES: Answering our 59 Questions will focus your mind on the main things that buyers want to know, helping you to understand the process and become more aware of the type of questions that you may be asked by serious buyers.
  • EASY TO DISTRIBUTE FORMAT: Your profile will be produced in a format designed for easy e-mailing. Alternatively, you can print it out for buyers requiring a hard copy.

Keywords: Marketing Writing Perth Direct Business Profiles Case Studies Capability Statements Newsletters Dire

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