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By: Byford Kinesiology  29-Oct-2015
Keywords: Back Pain, Stress, Depression

Does this sound like you? You’re always feeling exhausted, stressed, depressed or anxious. Perhaps all of the above. Or you've been in constant physical pain for a while and you've been told it could take months – or even years – for it to go away. And that’s if it even goes away! Whatever it is, you've tried everything but haven’t been able to find a permanent solution. If this sounds like you, it’s time for a new approach. Hi, I’m Donna Rowe, your holistic kinesiologist in Byford, Western Australia. I would love to help you change for the better. My mission is to create a better balance between your mind, body and soul, because in order for you to be your best there needs to be a strong connection between them. My unique approach looks beyond your symptoms so you can start to feel better. I use a system called muscle testing or muscle response technique. It helps me find the stressors in your body that have been affecting your health. Once I've pinpointed the stressors, I use non-invasive natural therapeutic techniques to kick-start your healing process to wellness. From the moment you step into Byford Kinesiology, you’ll feel right at home and you’ll immediately realise that you have complete control over your program. I find a good chat about your goals helps to ensure that we set off on the best possible journey to a healthier you – from day one. So I’ll be actively listening to you during each session and without judgement. Together we’ll set your goals – whether they be to make you feel as fit as you did in your 20s, to get you ready to conceive a baby, or to get you back on your feet following an injury. While kinesiology is unique to each individual, experience with my current clients shows that you should expect to see results from as early as 2-3 visits. The impact kinesiology will have on your life, as well as the knowledge you’ll gain from your sessions, will make way for a tolerant, happy and loving life. If you want to regain the life you used to enjoy or want to start living the life of your dreams, call me on 0400 421 045 or (FreeCall 1800 657 496). To learn more about kinesiology, visit my website

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