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By: DoorSmart WA  23-Nov-2011


The technology of ATA is the most advanced opener in the industry with its fully consealed belt driven rail, and a DC motor which provides ultra quiet operation. The ATA also features:

* Soft start/Soft open to avoid any sudden jolting and unnecessary wear

* Intelligent safety system (ISS) So if contact is made with the garage door it will either stop or auto reverse. To avoid injury to property or persons.

* Slim fit (Rolla doors only) Giving you the option of fitting in a automatic opener even when side room is limited. Needing only 45mm between curtain and bracket.

* Courtesy light, allowing you to turn the light on or off with a push of a button. Can also be set for longer or shorter lighting time.

* Battery backup, will allow you to still operate your garage door during a power failure.

Vacation mode, Locking out all but one master transmitter which gives you the peace of mind that your garage door cannot be opened until you return.

The ATA has many more options available so please make your enquiry within....

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