Car Window Tinting Bunbury

By: Southern Car Care  20-Nov-2013
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Car Window Tinting Bunbury Car Window Tinting Bunbury. Bunbury is a city located on the South West corner of Western Australia and is subject to some of the warmest and most intense sun activity in the world. Western Australia has one of the worlds highest rate of skin cancer so protecting yourself from the suns harmful UV rays is the utmost importance. One of the most common complaints is "Drivers Arm". This is where the drivers right arm is subject to a lot more exposure than the left and can even possibly get burnt while on a long drive. In the peak of Summer months air conditioners can also struggle under the intense heat subjected to them under our intense sun, window tinting greatly reduces the cars interior temperature which makes the air conditioner much more efficient and thus decreasing fuel usage. Another issue that has popped up in recent years is extreme sun glare while the children are in the rear of cars with entertainment devices such as iPads and DVD players. Sun Protection Window Tinting not only protects your arms and eyes from harmful UV rays but it also [rotects the interior of your car and will stop the fabrics from fading and the vinyls and plastics from cracking. And it also makes your car look heaps cooler. Car Tinting Car window tinting is the process whereby the windows in the car have a film applied to them in the hope of blocking out Harmful UV rays and unwanted heat. A quality film will block out 9% of UV rays and also as much as 53% heat while coming with a warranty that will last the life of vehicle ownership. Car Tint Choices There are heaps of different shades and colours available to tint your car in. It is important to remember that there is laws regarding darkness and reflectivity which does vary from state to state. The current laws in Western Australia permit a 35% film on the 2 front doors and a darker 20% film on the rear doors. The front windscreen is not allowed to be tinted all. Most of our films are a charcoal film which looks great on almost everything although we do offer other films to satisfy clients needs. There is a lot of new technology in the production of window films. In the past Metalised films were the best on the market but now as cars have radio antennas built into the windows and GPS aerials and all other kinds of sensors, Carbon based films are the choice to use as they now offer the great performance of the metalised film without any side effects, such as poor radio reception. Car Tint Application When applying window tint it is referred to as a wet application, meaning when the film is applied to the windows it goes on with a soapy solution which is then removed from behind the film with special tools. This is why the windows must remain wound up for 48 hours once the film has been applied to allow for the films glue to properly bond with the vehicles glass. When the tinting gets applied it goes all the way to the top of the glass with no gaps which gives the film a look like it is actually part of the glass. the films gets filed with a special points file to give the perfect finish that is required. Conclusion We have over 20 years experience in the application of window tinting, and in our opinion in Australia every vehicle should have the windows tinted as the various benefits from reducing the chance of Cancer, to saving fuel, keeping your car cooler, reducing interior damage, adding comfort, increased safety in the event of an accident to just making your car look heaps better, far out ways the cost of application. Southern Car Care in Bunbury, is the regions specialist when it comes to tinting car windows and for more information please visit our website at

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