By: Mondo Electronics  18-Apr-2012
Keywords: Electronic Component & Products Traders

Hard to Find Components

When sourcing electronic components, two of the biggest challenges to manufacturers are long lead-times and dwindling supplies of end-of-life/obsolete parts. Mondo specialises in fixing the supply shortages in exactly these circumstances. With our extensive industry experience and strong global network of suppliers, we can help you find stock, when none is available locally.

To counter the increasing presence of counterfeit components, we comprehensively qualify our international supply partners to ensure that you receive only genuine, unused, factory original components.

We purchase over 90% of our components from franchised distributors and appointed representatives, the rest is sourced from the leading independent distributors in the industry and from OEM and CM (contract manufacturers) with a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability.

With Mondo helping you to source the "hard to find" stocks, you can defer expensive board re-design or limit production delays due to components shortages.

Keywords: Electronic Component & Products Traders

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