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By: Doig Web Technology  10-Aug-2011
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Sites hosted on High Quality SuperServers

Many hosts and providers choose the cheapest option they can when purchasing hardware. In many cases the 'server' is of a quality that you wouldn't even trust for your home PC. We use high quality Dell servers and our constant R&D ensures our servers are robust and built to perform.

Latest technology - Hardware Replacement

Hardware will fail, it's just a matter of when. To reduce the risks we have a maximum lifecycle policy of 3 years on our servers to always keep our fleet up-to-date with the latest technology.

Low contention Ratios Ensure Server resources are not Overloaded

The common trend by most hosting providers that offer 'cheap' pricing is to squeeze as many customers onto each server, in some cases over 500+ accounts on a single server. This leads to never ending problems due to system resources constantly running at a high load. We have a policy of allowing any given server to reach only 70% utilisation, before it's deemed full.

Independent Redundant Name Servers and Backup Mail Server

Name servers are responsible for transferring your domain name into an IP address. This is how computers find your website when someone looks up your domain name. Most hosting companies run their name servers on the same network as your website and in many cases on the same server. If that goes down, so does your website and your email. W use geographically dispersed name servers for increased redundancy, which also translates into faster response times for looking up domain names.

Fast, Multi-homed, Redundant Australian Network

Our Cisco powered redundant core network and multiple concurrently connected carriers, ensures there is no single point of failure within our network. Unlike other providers, we have a policy which enables our network never to be flooded or oversaturated. Our SLA agreements state that once our links reach 70% capacity, that they will be upgraded.

Keywords: Technology, Website Hosting

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