HORIBA PG-350: Your solution for Boiler & Turbine tuning to improve operability, output & efficiency

HORIBA PG-350: Your solution for Boiler & Turbine tuning to improve operability, output & efficiency from ECS Corporate Pty Ltd

By: ECS Corporate Pty Ltd  25-Nov-2011
Keywords: Environmental Consultants, Pollution Control, Environmental Monitoring

Applications include;
· Tuning
· Commissioning
· Process Efficiency & Optimisation Improvements
· Environmental Monitoring

In the current economic environment and introduction of the new carbon tax, owners and operators are seeking cost effective ways to expand boiler and steam turbine operability, improve efficiency, gain more output and extend the life of their existing equipment. The regulatory process for permitting new generation sources is slow and more demanding than ever before, making minor turbine improvements to existing equipment a more attractive option.

There are several proactive steps that can be taken to keep a boiler and turbine operating at peak efficiency. By utilising the Horiba PG-350 portable gas analyser, you will be able to observe and trend boiler gas operating conditions. Our experience proves the best reliable portable gas analyser for boiler tuning is the Horiba PG-350.

The Horiba PG-350 can be used to measure CO, CO2, NOx, SO2 and O2

Boiler Tuning Process
The Horiba PG-350 is a useful tool for furnace model building and validation of furnace burner modifications. The Horiba PG-350 can profile the O2, CO2, CO and NOx levels by taking measurements in the main furnace utilising water cooled probes.

By taking measurements at the air heater inlet…
- Burner air fuel ratios can be changed and monitored for optimum performance
- Flame front and flame profiles are optimised
- NO reduction can be optimised and SO2 levels checked
- Measured CO levels can indicate mill performance changes as grinding efficiency decreases
- Heat rate testing can be performed to validate any efficiency gains from boiler modifications

Air Heater Leakages
Measuring the air heater inlet and outlet gases can assist with air heater leakage calculations and is a good system check without the need for extensive velocity profiles. The O2 differential reading between the air heater inlet and outlet can be used to calculate the air heater leakage. As the SO2 is well dispersed this can also be used  for calculation validation of the results.

Gases measured after the precipitator or bag house can be compared to the air heater inlet results (O2 & SO2) which in turn can provide a good indication of air leakage or attemperation air intakes as well as measuring any SO2 reduction by adsorption of the fly ash.

Horiba PG-350 Features

Back Up Analyser for Existing Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
The Horiba PG-350 is an excellent portable instrument and can be utilised as a 100% redundancy unit on your existing CEMS system. Therefore, if for any reason the CEMS system becomes unavailable, the measurement of O2, CO, CO2, SO2 and NOx for EPA compliance can still be maintained. The Horiba PG- 350 is also capable of recording and logging the results while measuring these gases for compliance reporting purposes.

Features of the Horiba PG-350
- Comparable to large-scale, specialized online CEMS analysers in terms of accuracy and offers a high degree of selectivity in analysis.
- The NOx analysis unit uses a Chemiluminescence detection method
- The SO2, CO, & CO2 unit uses a Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) absorption method
- The O2 unit uses Galvanic detection method.
- Portable & easy connection to a notebook computer via Ethernet or SD card for quick data transfer. In-built and robust sample conditioning system.
- Large-scale, easy-to-read touch screen display.
- Many hours, days and weeks of uninterrupted monitoring with the use of the Horiba PS-200 cooler unit.


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