Proxim QB8150 300MBPs

Proxim QB8150 300MBPs from Atdigital Pty Ltd

By: Atdigital Pty Ltd  16-Dec-2010

Presenting a Wireless Backhaul Solution that Exceeds 4G Speed Requirements with
300Mbps Bandwidth!

Proxim introduces the Tsunami™ QB-8100, an
incredibly costeffective, high performance and non-line-of-sight 4G point-to-point (PtP)
wireless backhaul solution.With 300Mbps data rates in a complete “Hop-in-a-Box” solution,
deployments in networks of all sizeswill enjoy a quick return on investment.

With incredible channel capacity & flexibility, excellent spectrum efficiency and a highly
evolved prioritization platform tailored to deliver voice, video and data applications, the
Tsunami™ QB-8100 satisfies carriers, wireless service providers and Government organizations
with requirements for fast and reliable 4G wireless backhaul.Leveraging the advantages of OFDM and the latest MIMO radio innovations, the Tsunami™ QB-
8100 draws on Proxim’s proprietaryWireless Outdoor Router Protocol (WORP) to deliver
wireless performance in excess of 4G products on the markets today.

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