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By: Golden Mean Designs  20-Jul-2011
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Stage 1 :-A Landscape design is not just a drawing or concept for your garden, it’s a to scale specific set of instructions that assist in the prevention of confusion and costly mistakes with regard to the landscape instillation, in conjunction with a client report [see client report] , you the client are now empowered to oversee or project manage your own landscaping project.

Essentially giving you the ability to project manage your own landscaping project.

Stage 2:-  The client report firstly confirms the clients wishes  with regard to the initial consultation and any following amendments to it, it will include quotes, costing, quantity’s, estimates and time lines , forecast within a reasonable accuracy ,it will also include material choices ,plant species, sole types and labour costs, in addition it may include a post instillation garden maintenance plan it is essentially the same article as would be given a supervisor or project manager but allows the client [you]to understand and participate if so desired in the process of what is after all your garden.

Stage 3:- Project management

The majority of people these days are far to busy to be handling trades, getting Quotes, making estimates ‘and orchestrating timelines and turnarounds, that’s where a project manager becomes invaluable and the best project manager is your designer, they are the person who has worked with you in bringing your dream to the planning stage they are also the person who knows the industry and can get the ball rolling.


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