Jukebox Lady - Professional Entertainer

Jukebox Lady - Professional Entertainer from Annette Raison

By: Annette Raison  07-Aug-2012
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Show Tunes

Having a say in what music is played on your night will go a long way in guaranteeing you have a great time.

With this in mind JUKEBOX LADY provides several different ways for the audience to choose their tunes!

Short and Simple

Before the event date you collaborate with JUKEBOX LADY in choosing genres that will suit your crowd. We will also endeavour to include individual songs and special dedications. Everything will be worked out before the show so you can relax and have a groovy time.

Leave It Up To The Crowd

With this original concept your event is bound to be a hit. This works particularly well for any show longer than an hour.

JUKEBOX LADY will sing a selection of songs for the first set. Something to appeal to everyone!

As guests arrive they will be given tokens that they can use to "vote" on the style of music they want to hear for the additional sets. All of the genres listed above will be included in the choices.

The type of music voted the most popular will be what is performed.

Now isn't at a fabulous way to get the crowd involved?

On One Hand We Have....

At specific points during the event the crowd will be given a choice between two songs. Depending on how they are feeling at the time they will get to choose. The song with the best audience response will be chosen.

In addition to the wonderful options listed JUKEBOX LADY will be happy to dedicate songs for a special someone. Simply write down your request on the slips provided and a suitable song will be chosen to send just the right message!

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