Safe Stretch

Safe Stretch from Rowland Benjamin

By: Rowland Benjamin  22-Mar-2016
Keywords: Yoga, Fitness Training, Personal Trainer

Safe Stretch – a comprehensive guide to stretching which takes into account the similarities and differences between people. Stretching has many benefits, including increasing physical fitness and range of movement, improving posture, reducing stress and fatigue and easing pain . But stretching has great dangers, including ligament sprains, muscle strains and problems associated with joint mobility, flexibility and stability. If done correctly, stretching can help improve posture, but if done incorrectly it can exaggerate poor posture and lead to problems. Safe Stretch provides stretches that are safe, explains how to avoid the dangers and shows you how to improve your posture. Everyone is different and a ‘one size fits all’ approach to stretching can be dangerous. Individual differences in posture and flexibility exist because of genetics and lifestyle factors, our age, emotions, and history of injury. Safe stretch is a stretching book which takes these difference into account.

Keywords: Exercise Therapy, Exercise Training, Fitness Training, Personal Trainer, Sports Physiotherapy, Stretching, Yoga

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