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Pure Health and Wellness Clinic is located in Bassendean, Western Australia, and specialises in personal, professional and friendly service to help you achieve and maintain an optimal state of health. We use a range of treatment options to achieve this, including naturopathy, homoeopathy, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage. Our treatment regimes are supported by diagnostic testing such as live blood analysis (Hemaview), hair analysis, iridology, Vega® testing and RBTI analysis. We also offer Fitgenes™ DNA profiling. Adrenal Fatigue Do you suffer from stress, chronic lethargy and feel tired all the time? Your adrenal glands might be behind it, causing a condition known as Adrenal Fatigue. You may not have heard of Adrenal Fatigue (A.F) before and yet there are so many people displaying the indicators of this condition. Often people with A.F indicators assume they have a lack of energy due to high levels of stress and frequent loss of sleep. Many people have issues with anxiety, diet,weight, low hormone levels, tiredness and frequent lethargy. All of these symptoms are indications that you may be suffering with Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue is a hormonal level related dis-ease of the body and can be treated by a qualified naturopath. It is important to find a qualified naturopath with expert knowledge and experience with A.F. The Adrenal Gland And Adrenal Fatigue A little about Adrenal Fatigue and the relationship between A.F and the adrenal gland. It is important to have a little knowledge about your body and A.F. If you are interested in good health, sensible diet and life style, then you need to also understand basic body function and the role your adrenals play in your life at home and at work. You can easily get information about the adrenals and the hormonal production. It may be a little harder to find information on Adrenal Fatigue. Hormones is another topic to look up as well, especially those who are suffering with chronic Adrenal Fatigue. These on-going fatigue is poor health symptoms that you may actually be suffering with Adrenal Fatigue . What is an adrenal? The Adrenal is a gland of the body of which most healthy people have two. Your adrenals are located on the top of your kidneys. They produce hormones essential for life and good health , including cortisol, adrenaline, aldosterone, DHEA and dopamine. These hormones interact with our immune system, nervous system and psyche. If the adrenals start to slow down, your health can be adversely affected in many ways.

Keywords: Adrenal Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue Perth, Naturopath, Wellness Clinic, Pure Health

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