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Composite Decking Perth from Castlegate Home Improvements

By: Castlegate Home Improvements  01-Jun-2016
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What is composite decking? NexGen composite decking is a combination of 60% recycled timber and 40% recycled plastics Trex composite decking is a combination of recycled timber, plastic and sawdust You never need to oil, paint or sand your composite deck. An occasional wash down with soap and warm water is all it needs Composite decking is termite and white ant proof The boards do not shrink, warp, fade, rot or splinter The boards are fixed with stainless steel hidden fasteners so your wont have screws popping up NexGen offer a 20-year warranty while Trex offer a 25 year limited warranty on the composite product and fasteners NexGen and Trex composite products are from the USA and have been used in America for over 20 years Composite comes in a variety of colours to suit any home or business Common Questions … Isn’t composite just another name for plastic? Composite is a mix of materials so it isn’t just plastic. However there is an element of recycled plastic in the product. More economical brands may contain more plastic than timber and some brands of composite are completely plastic. NexGen and Trex composite decking products are a combination of recycled plastic and recycled timber with the latter being the predominant material. Is composite more expensive than hardwood? Composite is a complete product. Once its installed, you never need to oil or sand it and it doesn’t require painting so you are saving thousands of dollars over the years on tins of oil or stain, not to mention the time it takes to remove and replace your outdoor furniture. A quality tin of oil will probably cost you about $200.00 and depending on the size of the hardwood deck and the exposure to weather, you may need a few tins a year to coat the deck regularly, so that can stack up to a lot of money. Composite is a little more of an investment than hardwood however you get this back in saving on maintenance materials and your valuable time. What is the difference in one brand from another? Decking boards are like anything else we buy. There are top quality brands on the market and there are more economical brands on the market. Castlegate Home Improvements are not affiliated with any particular brand but we build decks, a lot, and we know which is a quality brand and which may not be. We recommend you choose the best board you can afford. Look for a brand that offers a good warranty. Ask yourself, is there a distributor or brand representative in Perth I can contact if I have a problem with my decking boards? (After contacting your fitter of course) How long has the brand company been in business and where can I see examples of their product? Your deck is an investment and a feature your friends and family will enjoy with you so we recommend choosing a quality board with a warranty and a good reputation.

Keywords: Composite Decking, Deck Construction

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