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By: Neo Settlements  07-Jul-2011
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Settlement Agents attend to the legal transfer of Title from the Seller to the Buyer as well as other property related transactions such as preparing new Titles for subdivided property and transferring property according to family court matters.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, Neo Settlements can assist you with the following:

  • Settlements – Residential, commercial and vacant land
  • Applications – Subdivisions, survivorship, change of name on the Title
  • Transfers – Pursuant to Family Court Orders (if divorcing or separating) or private agreements between related parties

Let Neo Settlements take on your worries as our own! We will make the settlement process as smooth and stress free as possible by ensuring you meet the conditions of your Contract, following up your bank and chasing all other parties connected to your settlement to make sure you settle on time!

From the perpective of Neo Settlements the key to a successful sale settlement is to not only ensure we are ready to settle along with your bank, but to ensure that the Buyer's settlement agent is also ready! We will endeavour to follow up with the real estate agent as well as the buyer's settlement agent that their bank is ready and that all special conditions have been met.

Neo Settlements should be an important part of your subdivision development team alongside your surveyor and your bank.  We can look after your subdivision whether you are selling off part of your family block, amalgamating land or developing tracts of land.  Neo Settlements will organize your bank to make the parent Title available at Landgate and liaise with your surveyor to ensure the Strata Plan or Deposited Plan is in Order for Dealing at Landgate. We will also ensure that any outstanding conditions of lodgement are met - including the lodgement of Notifications and Easements.

Neo Settlements can help with the stress you are already dealing with when separating or divorcing your partner.

Whether you have gone through the Family Court system or not, we can help you transfer your property according to your wishes.  Be mindful however, that without a Family Court Order the transfer between you and your ex-partner must be lodged at the Office of State Revenue for assessment (which takes approximately 4 weeks) and then you will be liable for stamp duty.

We recommend that you speak to your solicitor regarding obtaining a Family Court Order in order to potentially save thousands of dollars in stamp duty as well as saving time.  A Transfer of Land prepared pursuant to a Family Court Order is exempt from stamp duty.

If you need to add or remove people from your Title as part of your bank requirements let Neo Settlements help you.  We will liaise with your bank to ensure this transfer is effected in a quickly and efficiently.

In certain cases when adding a spouse to the Title you may be exempt from Stamp Duty and Neo Settlements can assist you with this.

Keywords: Conveyancing, Conveyancing Services, Property Conveyancing, Settlement Agent, Settlements