Wills and Probate

By: Springdale Legal  16-Nov-2014
Keywords: Probate, Administration, Will

Having a valid will is important for all adults (and for minors also, if you are married!) For everyone, marriage revokes a will, so if you have recently married, you need to write one which is valid. Apart from dealing with property, wills can express wishes about use and disposal of your (and/or your partner's) body, appoint executors and appoint guardians of children. You could use a cheap DIY will kit, however a properly drafted legal will can avoid pitfalls. Simple oversights now can cause untold bitterness and expense later on. Speaking to a solicitor such as us can answer questions about loss of capacity, validity of wills, extent of an estate, including intestacy (dying without a will) and family provision. For example, what happens if you and your partner die at the same time? Should assets be sold or transferred to avoid a CGT liability? Legally, non-lawyers cannot provide advice about wills and estate planning (ACCC V Murray). Note: The public trustee can often prepare a will free of charge, however may take large management fees for administration of the estate.

Keywords: Administration, Executor, Probate, Settlement, Will, Wills and Probate

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