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By: Wealth Effect Group   16-Jul-2012
Keywords: Life Insurance

It is said that the only true certainties in life are death and taxes and unfortunately we have little control over both of these areas although we can prepare for them.  The death of you or a loved one can make a major impact on your family both emotionally and financially.  Have you ever considered how your family would cope if you were not around?

When we get our first car we make sure it is insured before we get behind the wheel and home insurance is firmly in place before we cross the threshold of our new home.  Why is it then that we do not insure our most important assets, our life and our earning potential.  The loss of either of these would make a huge impact on your family.  A house and car can be replaced however if you can no longer provide an income for your family you are at risk of losing your assets and your lifestyle.

Personal insurance can bring you peace of mind in knowing that your family will be cared for financially should you be unable to earn an income through death, personal injury or trauma.  This will ensure your debts can continue to be repaid and your family retains some stability.  The loss of losing a loved one can not be lessened however there will be some comfort in knowing that financial stability will remain.

We can provide you with comprehensive insurance advice that will minimise risks, and secure your families financial future.  Negative life changing events can not be avoided but  we can prepare for them.  Wealth Effect Groups leading advisors can provide you with a detailed report analysing your insurance needs to ensure you have adequate personal insurances in place in the right structure for you.

Keywords: Life Insurance

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