Bing banks on Googles fall from grace

Bing banks on Googles fall from grace from Website Administration Services

By: Website Administration Services  23-Mar-2016
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Where is my small business on google? That's an interesting question. Let's see... When Google became a public company, it was a well earned pay day for the founders. Google understood what it meant to be an honest struggling startup business in an environment which could only be imagined by a pilchard surviving a tuna pod. And if you like nerdy movies and have seen "pirates of silicon valley" then you'll get the gist of this statement. The old Google single handedly championed the plight of the small business startup and helped many, many to establish an honest online business presence. But becoming a limited by shares public biz also marked a turning point that can only but have inevitable long lasting detrimental ramifications on the future of "our" internet. Rather than looking outward to the stars and assisting projects like Mars Direct, they instead look inward at how a dollar can multiply itself and how best to seek tax havens as do so many of their peers. Who picks up the tab of the missing millions? That would be you and me. So, where is my business on google? Well, you can have it but only in a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" scenario. Yes, this current move is again about the mobile market if you haven't caught wind of that yet. More on that for our clients. And if you dont? Well, if your SEO is worth his salt, you are probably going to find that you are number one in Bing search (if not, message us). Yes, that is how it is. So many of our clients achieve number one in Bing long before the "now mandatory" Google back scratch occurs during the now mandatory Google setups. This twist in the search results from these two search engine contenders first came to our attention circa October 2015. Bing is returning more "true" results than Google these days. Like we used to say about Bing, if they don't show your site, who else are they not showing you? This now seems to be aimed at Google. It is not that Google does not have these sites ready to index, it is that they point blank refuse to show these sites in the result pages. And if these two greedy co's are our only choice of search engines in the future, the small businesses of the world will be damned into oblivion. Again, watch that movie. Still the same players with the same motives. But now, Google has joined in (along with a bunch of other newbies). Best WAS

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