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By: Living Thought  17-Nov-2011
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How I can help you

The underpinning of the way I work is based on the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy. Gestalt Therapy is a holistic, experiential, existential and relational way of working with people trapped in pain.

From a Gestalt counselling perspective, a well lived life is founded on a person's awareness of how they live their life and how they manage their relationships. The focus is living in the Here-and-Now and the Here-and-How we live that life.


Life can seem like an endless cycle of pain. 

are you... 

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Emotional pain can't be healed alone, we are social creatures, we need to work through our problems and fears in meaningful relationships with others.

You don't have to deal with this pain alone. Counselling can help.


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Keywords: Counseling Services