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By: Dr Fix It  01-Apr-2016
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Our principal has been in the property market for over 20 years as an investor. He has worked as a selling agent, a buying agent and has been renovating houses for many years.
When you call us, we'll come in and discuss what you want to achieve with your property. We will then come back to you with a detailed proposal. If you have engaged a Real estate agent already, we will get his comments on what he thinks is important to do to achieve best price.
Once you are happy with the proposed work we will carry it out.

Street Appeal:
First impression of your property is extremely important. Many people decide unconsciously if they want your property before they have even stepped into the house. We spend time with you deciding how you want to represent the property and what needs to be done to the front to achieve this.
The result can be anything from a simple high pressure clean of the front to a repaint and an update to your front garden.

It is very important to get the inside of your house to the point where a prospective buyer feels they need to do nothing to the house before they move in. People are extremely time poor these days.
An untidy interior is a definite turnoff. We normally do a repaint where needed and a fixup all those little cracks that most house gets after a while. The bathrooms are so important. They must look fresh! We clean tiles and grout, retile areas if needed.
We also respray bathtubs if needed to make them look great. Quite often the toilet and the vanity are outdated so we put in new toilets and vanity shower often needs a bit of work. It can be fixed with anything from a good clean to painting the tiles and/or changing the shower glass.

The other important area is the kitchen. It must look good. We do what is needed to make it shine. Perhaps it needs new kitchen cupboard doors, new appliances or a new benchtop. Many kitchens can be improved by a few new wall cabinets, underbench lighting, a new sink etc. These updates are not necessarily going to cost that much. Prepare House for Sale Williamstown.

External work:
In our area, there are many heritage weatherboard houses. The ends of the weatherboards often rots. We fix this by taking out a short length of the weatherboard and put in a new piece. Carefully done this is almost invisible. Sometimes our customers wants take the opportunity to insulate the walls whilst we are working on them.
We remove the weatherboards to internal ceiling height, put in wall insulation, sisalation (metal paper to stop draft and condensation) and then new weatherboards and finally we paint it. The end result is that you now have a great looking insulated external wall that will last a long time. Prepare House for Sale Williamstown.

Internal work: If you haven't painted the inside our your house for 10-15 years it can definitely do with a refresh. We all get used to the look of our houses. But if you ask a friend what they think of your house they will tell you things that you don't notice. Painting combined with fixing cracks will make a huge difference to the inside. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two main areas of your house that often need an update.
To get ideas you can go and look at a couple of display homes and you will see what is being done today to these areas. This opens your eyes. We can then make it happen for you. Many people thinks that a kitchen and/or bathroom update will cost a fortune. By making sensible updates you can get away with a reasonable cost and a great result.

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