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Happy Customers from Classy Tails pet boutique

By: Classy Tails pet boutique  06-Sep-2011
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Attached photos of Rani (now over 15 years) and Co with her new stroller which is now a major hit in our house.  Some nice photos including Zuma's nose!  Very happy with it, it has created so much fun for all the dogs, and Rani has a new lease on life...she is full of herself now with her stroller!!!

I use the stroller to walk the dogs around the block, and Rani gets a ride for 1/2 to 3/4 so she keeps up with the pack (and feels extra special), and I make her get out and walk for last grassy section for her to do some exercise!...while Rani is out, others get in!!! 
Actually, my husband said he never would have believed just how popular this has been for the dogs if he hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he thought it was another white elephant when I brought it home...and wondered if I would even get Rani in it.  He has also said he can see the difference in Rani lately..she is truly a happier dog with her Chariot!!!

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