Complete Oily Water Separation Resulting in Enormous Cost Savings

Complete Oily Water Separation Resulting in Enormous Cost Savings from Environmental Fluid Systems

By: Environmental Fluid Systems  05-Feb-2014
Keywords: Heavy Duty, Oil Water Separation, Oily Water Reuse

One of the Fortescue Metal Group’s locomotive service hubs was experiencing huge oily water disposal costs from the locomotive wash bay. The chemical reaction of conventional degreasers form strong emulsions with oil which are then difficult to separate with oil water plate separators which work on the principle of phase separation. The result is an oil water emulsion that can only be disposed of through highly regulated and costly processes, ultimately costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Even the oil and water emulsions of so called ‘quick break’ degreasers often do not ‘break’ with the oil quickly enough for a large volume wash bay, costing the user far more in disposing of oily waste than they saved in using what they thought was an economical degreaser. triple7 Heavy Duty was substituted in place of the current cleaning agent. triple7 Heavy Duty does not form an emulsion with the greases and oils, but lifts and releases at the surface for easy removal, and allows for true and complete separation. triple7 Heavy Duty is not only a powerful bio-based cleaner and degreaser with significant waste water benefits, it is also completely free of any hazardous and toxic ingredients, making it safer for the users as well! This product was simply spray applied to the surface, without the need for a pressure washer, to clean dust and oil from the trains. The oil water separator performance was radically improved! FMG will never pay the huge oily water disposal costs again, and the water quality is of a standard which allows them to use it for dust suppression! The hydrocarbon level that is satisfactory for re using the water as dust suppression is 15ppm (parts per million). They are now achieving hydrocarbon levels of 0.75ppm! An almost perfect separation. They not only save on their waste costs, but can re-use the water on site, saving on water procurement costs as well. Read more at

Keywords: Heavy Duty, Oil Water Separation, Oily Water Reuse, Vehicle Wash Down Bay,

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