By: Elissa Pelling  06-Jun-2013
Keywords: Acupuncture, Alternative Medicine, Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine focusing on the entire health of an individual, not just the presenting ailment or condition. I aim to treat the underlying cause of the complaint as well as the symptoms, and restore balance to the body to promote health and healing. The underlying philosophy of Chinese medicine is the maintenance of balance of yin and yang in the body and the smooth flow of Qi (energy). In health there is an abundant flow of Qi through the body, if this flow becomes obstructed or there is insufficient Qi, harmony and balance will be disturbed and disease or illness will follow. This can result from constitutional weaknesses, stress, overwork, poor diet, disease pathogens, weather and environmental conditions, and other lifestyle factors. Through thorough investigation of the presenting condition, medical history, general constitution, pulse and tongue a diagnosis, a treatment plan can be established. A number of conditions can be successfully treated using Chinese medicine, including digestive complaints, headaches and migraines, back pain, hormone imbalances, menstrual disorders, menopause and fertility issues.

Keywords: Acupuncture, Alternative Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herbs, Chinese Medicine, Embryo Transfer, Ivf Support, Natural Fertility, Traditional Chinese Medicine