Helix Steel Fibre Reinforcing

Helix Steel Fibre Reinforcing from Helix Steel

By: Helix Steel  20-Jun-2011
Keywords: Fibre Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Reinforcement Fibers, Fiber Reinforced Cement


Helix, with its unique twist, is unlike any reinforcement and a substantial improvement over fibres, rebar or mesh. Contractors often want changes just to cut costs. With Helix, you get something better, stronger and crack resistant. And since Helix is merely added with the other ingredients of the concrete and easily and uniformly mixed in the truck, implementation is easy and jobs can be completed much faster.

When concrete is stressed or bent, fibres — even those with hooked ends or corrugation — fail after frictional pull out. Helix’s polygonal cross sectional shape and twist increases the frictional resistance. It's like trying to remove a corkscrew from a cork without twisting it. But much more importantly, the twist changes the failure mechanism from friction to a torsional or untwisting mode. The additional force required is so large that it results in performance never before possible requiring much lower dosages.

Helix was originally designed at the for earthquake and blast resistance in applications where rebar was just not enough. Like rebar, Helix is made from steel. And just as increasing rebar size from #4 to #6 increases strength, so does adding more Helix. Helix has been proven to meet or exceed rebar performance in every application of concrete you could name.

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