AC Motors, Gear Units and Gearmotors

AC Motors, Gear Units and Gearmotors from SEW-Eurodrive

By: SEW-Eurodrive  13-Apr-2011
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Designed to meet the latest Australian Minimum Efficiency Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements, the broad power range of EFF1 motors are available for direct mount to SEW-Eurodrive standard gear units or IEC compliant.

AC Motors & AC Brake Motors

On request, AC motors can be supplied with an integrated mechanical brakes, incorporating an electromagnetic discs with a DC coil. The brakes are applied upon a power failure, making it compliant with fundamental safety requirements.

Additional options include:
Incremental or absolute encoder systems
Forced ventilation fans
Mechanical backstop
Plug connectors
Increased ingress and corrosion protection.

Gear Motors

The tried and proven modular system is available in helical, helical bevel, helical worm or Spiroplan design, positively driven by the SEW-Eurodrive motor range or IEC and Nema compliant motors coupled to an adaptor

Covering a power range of 50 to 18,000 Nm, the torque and permissible overhung loads are impressively high in relation to the structural volume. Their stringent quality criteria make it possible for SEW-Eurodrive to supply torques and gear ratios that are incomparably closely spaced and widely varied. For maximum safety during use, all the shaft-keyway joints in the gearmotors are positive connections.

*Unique range of sizes and gear ratios
*Gearmotors have exemplary reliability, overload capacity and long service life
*High quality sealing concept and housing design
*The use of oil seals and resilient sealing surface gaskets, in combination with the favorable magnetic flux, prevents leakages and prolongs maintenance-free service life
*The units are exceptionally quiet, achieved by precision gearing, particularly torsionally rigid housing and by the wave design that absorbs sound waves and significantly reduces noise levels

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