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For companies that export products after they are imported and duty has been paid, duty drawback is an advantage well worth taking.Australian Customs Service state that “The Duty Drawback Scheme enables exporting companies to obtain a refund of Customs duty paid on imported goods where those goods will be treated, processed, or incorporated into other goods for export, or are exported unused since importation.”

For companies that feel they may be entitled to receive drawback but are not sure where to begin the process, we suggest that best practice is that you arrange for us to do a study to determine if a drawback program is in order.

Duty drawback offers you three options to recover import duties: 

* Unused imported goods, 
* Used in Exported Manufactured goods,
* Rejected imported goods. 
Unused goods fall into the category of imported products that are either exported or destroyed within four years of import. The key point is that these products were never used in Australia. 
You claim manufacturing drawback for products that have been exported after they have been value added - altered in some manner. You must be able to identify the components that were imported in the exported products in order to qualify for this drawback. You can claim this type of drawback for up to four years from the date of the original import.
* Unused goods drawback can also be claimed on goods that came into Australia and were determined to be unsatisfactory based on the quality, as long as the products were never used in the domestic market. 

The substandard goods will have to either returned to the supplier or scrapped – whatever the case documented evidence is essential.

Our experience allows us to determine quickly the potential for a drawback customer with a minimum of time and effort on the client’s part. We have the knowledge and expertise to turn drawback opportunities into cash for our client without any disruption to their daily operations. 

Our services are offered on a on a contingency basis, with no up-front costs or obligations. We are only paid when our clients receives a duty drawback refund.

Therefore, if you have exported imported goods as either part of a locally assembled/ processed product, or as imported or it has been scrapped we help you qualify and recover your customs duty entitlements.

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