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By: Melbourne Roof Repairs  18-Aug-2016
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Melbourne Roof Repairs has been a prominent player in the roofing industry for more than 20 years, providing roof restoration, roof plumbing and roof repairs services in Cranbourne and Melbourne’s South East Suburbs. Eliminating middle man fees and any other hidden charges, we are a bunch of tradesmen who aim to provide quality service in roof restorations and roof repairs at a reasonable price. We make sure that you receive a genuine and thorough inspection of your roof, and ensure that any work that needs to be done is done in the best way possible. Specialised in restoring cement tile roofs, terracotta tile roofs and metal roofs, our team of professionals repairs your damaged tiles or restore the roof to its original condition, with a guarantee of 10 years. Why to invest in roof restoration and roof repairs? It is pretty obvious to get your roof restored when the damages in the roof are visible. Making good decisions to maintain the looks and avoiding the damages to your roof is one of the decisions that a homeowner should take. Eventually, a roof is, in most cases, the first thing a guest would notice while visiting your humble abode. There is a reason as to why a roof is generally referred to as “the crown of your home”. Considering Melbourne, a city with extreme climate, roof maintenance becomes essential. As a homeowner, it is very important to make sure that a proper maintenance of the roof is done; usually the first step involves a thorough cleaning of the roof. When you have your roof cleaned, it will eradicate the presence of lichen, moss, and algae. These pests can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Dirt and debris, while spoiling the look of your roof, also reduces the energy efficiency of your home, as it does not allow the proper amount of sunlight to be absorbed, increasing the heating costs over time. Holes and other trouble spots may result in water leakage which is never ever welcomed in any household. As the saying goes, “Nothing lasts forever”; this applies to your roof too. Many homeowners tend to overlook the benefits of roof restoration. Moulds, weather, pests, leaks, etc are only a few issues that a roof would face over time. Even when considering selling, or renting out the property, a house with good roof is usually considered to add to the value of the house. These things, when not maintained properly, results in investing big bucks when the damages become severe. Hence, it becomes pretty wise decision to take care of your roof regularly. Benefits of Roof Plumbing:- Roof plumbing is the type of work that involves installation, repair, renovation, alteration, and maintenance of gutters, downpipes, roof vents, roof flashing, roof coverings like metal walls and ceilings, wall claddings, and anticon insulation. Application of protective coating, as well as installation of storm water disposal and rainwater harvesting is also part of roof plumbing. The usual problems that demand a professional roof plumber are: • Roof leaks • Gutter build-up • Improper installation of Flashing • Cracks and holes in Soffit • Fascia Damage • Tile and Shingle damage Apart from installation of basic parts of the roof, a professional roof plumber is also involved in the solutions of the following issues: • Installation of complicated components and systems such as solar water heaters, rainwater harvesters, ventilators, skylights, etc. • Detect and prevent potential plumbing hazards in your roof. • Prevention of moulds and other water organisms such as algae, lichen, moss, etc. • Prevention of water leaks and holes on the roof. Whatever the problem your roof may have, Melbourne roof repairs would ideally have a cost-effective solution to it. Whether it may be an issue that needs a fix, or if it is general maintenance to avoid future big bucks to spared, give us a call on 0411 502 475 or email [email protected] Professional, qualified, knowledgeable and helpful, we are here to take care of your roof, the most important wall of your home.

Keywords: Roof Restoration Cranbourne

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