Water Filters. Purified, Alkalising, Ionised, Energised, Mineral Water

Water Filters. Purified, Alkalising, Ionised, Energised, Mineral Water from Waters Co Australia

By: Waters Co Australia  09-Mar-2011
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There’s a reason why they say water is life, our bodies depend on it for every single cellular function. Like oxygen, without water we cannot survive. At only around 4% dehydration, your ability to think clearly, cope with stress & physical performance reduces significantly.
Drinking tea, coffee, soft drinks & most energy drinks do not help you to become hydrated, in fact they do the opposite. The majority of society go through their daily lives chronically dehydrated, feeling sluggish & tired & not knowing why. Drinking water is the most effective way to stay hydrated & healthy.
But don’t drink just any water. Drink water that’s free from potential carcinogens including: Bacteria, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, bad taste & odor. Choose water that’s not only healthy for you & your finances but also benefits our environment.

We offer a wide range of Water filter systems that are scientifically designed not not only remove contaminants but to add in essential minerals, give life & energy back to the water. Providing you the ultimate in hydration with a clean fresh taste.

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