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Library Shelving from Decor Displays

By: Decor Displays  19-Apr-2012
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Choosing the right shelving for you involves making sure the design and style matches your individual requirements. The team at Décor Displays is continually working to ensure the library shelving we offer is at the cutting edge of both elegance and functionality. New component designs are being constantly improved and updated to make sure you only get the best.

Finding a suitable book storage solution is never easy. However, the strength and stability that the Décor range offers, gives you the confi dence needed to make the choice a lot easier. With 60mm x 30mm rolled steel uprights, large capacity shelves rated well over the 60kg standard, and heavy duty castors, our shelving is guaranteed to provide years of satisfactory performance in any environment.

The Décor Displays range of Library Shelving offers a fl exibility that makes your choice of shelving supplier easy. With a limitless number of individual shelving components to work with, the choice of style, shape and size is yours. This fl exibility is a must have for all librarians who need to create unique learning and resource spaces.

Every library is unique! Working with Décor Displays product range enables you to be creative and personal when making your own distinctive library space. Cost effective customized options in size, color, fi nish and style are available to allow your individual fl air to shine in housing your unique collection of books.

Achieving your ultimate library space involves choosing the furniture and displays that effectively compliment the library shelving. Décor Displays provides a wide range of furniture and display solutions including seating, tables, book spinners, ottomans, couches and various other custom and standard products. Contact a consultant today to fi nd out how you can create your perfect library.

Our confi dence in the superiority of our Library Shelving is expressed very simply in our guarantee. We guarantee our shelving to remain structurally sound for a minimum of 10 years when installed properly and used correctly throughout its lifetime. With shelving that meets or exceeds every specifi cation of the Australian Standards, we guarantee it - you have nothing to fear.

Keywords: Gondolas, Shelving, Showcases