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By: Odour Busters  09-Dec-2011
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Spray one shot of Bull's Eye on the affected area, once malodor has been eliminated, test for fragrance level.
If stronger fragrance is required, use extra sprays as needed.

Bull's Eye fragrance will last up to 24 hours.

Always spray on to porous, surface, as Bull's Eye is oil based and needs to be absorbed.

Bull"s Eye carries a money back guarantee.

Especially designed for amenities in Hotel-Motels, Caravan Parks, Restaurants, Holiday Resorts and the Home.

  X-Out Odour Eliminator
 Safely & effectively eliminates;

Cigarette Smoke Odour
Garbage Bin Odours
Urine & Faeces Odour
Bathrooms - Toilet & Urinal Odour
Soiled Mattress Odours
Car Interior Odours
Pet Odours

 100 % Safe to the Environment, Pets and People!!!

Tri Nature environmentally friendly cleaning products. Suitable for both the home and commercial applications, you can be relaxed in the knowledge your cleaning activities are not impacting the environment.

  • Multi purpose eco friendly cleaning products
  • Bacterial cleaner destainers
  • Windows & glass cleaners
  • Cream cleansers
  • Hospital and domestic grade disinfectants
  • Concentrated products provide great value

Tri nature products are safe for the environment.

Keywords: Cleaning Products, Garbage Bin, Odour, Safe, Urinal Odour