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By: Trisha Cupra, Blue Owl Web Design Makeovers  09-Dec-2011

Option One

Option One is to begin with the premium WordPress theme framework (design) that I recommend as a starting point. We then modify it and customize it to suit you. By the time we’re finished with it, it may look quite different, with just the basic layout shape still recognizable. The theme is like a store mannequin that we dress up in your style (and to suit your target niche). We will use good quality yet low-cost stock photos and graphics to keep costs down, but still look great.

(And starting with a framework significantly decreases development time.)

The customized theme, plus 3 basic pages (Home, About, and Contact) set up with you complete with content costs US$1,497.

The fees for this option (customizing a theme and using stock images) is broken down like this (in US dollars):

Normally I create a new, separate ‘demo’ site on your own hosting account. It’s hidden from the public, and doesn’t replace your existing site until it’s completely finished and you’re happy with the result.

A blog section is automatically included. You can choose whether to include it or exclude it from the navigation now, and you’re able to change it in future. You can use this as a News section, or an Articles section, (or both) for example.

Additional pages cost $65 each for simple pages up to 1,000 words long, and $80 each for pages with 4 or more graphics/videos per page. Or, you will be able to add extra pages yourself, because I’ll show you how to use WordPress to manage all your content yourself.

A contact form in included for the Contact page. If you want to add more forms, they cost $45 each. Or, if you do a bit of research using Google, you’ll be able to figure out how to do this yourself using a plugin.

What it doesn’t include:

  • A 100% completely unique design – even though other websites that use the same theme (template) will look similar, none will be identical to yours. But there will be a resemblance that you need to be aware of, however slight.
  • Copywriting
  • Costs such as hosting or purchasing domain names
  • Images other than those you supply to me, to accompany the content
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) other than installing the best SEO WordPress plugin available (which you have to utilize yourself)
  • eCommerce, affiliate program, or membership features (available as optional extras – ask me for a quote)
  • Anything not specifically mentioned above

If you’re happy with all that, here’s what I need from you:


It would really help me a lot if you could collect three examples of websites that you really like the look/style of – and extra points if those sites serve the same niche as you. And please tell me what it is that you like about the style of those sites.

Also, if you can show me three sites (especially in your niche) that you really dislike, and why.

Please set aside 30 to 60 minutes to do this piece of homework, because it really helps to speed up the process. If you can mention more than three sites, please go ahead. The more, the better. And the more details you can give me, the better.

Up-front Payment

Option Two

The other option, Option Two, is to create a completely original design from scratch, and use only unique graphics. Naturally, this increases the cost substantially, with packages starting at US$2,999. And it also takes longer to do all that design and coding from scratch.

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