Cupping from Muscle Therapy

By: Muscle Therapy  14-Nov-2013
Keywords: Back Pain, Massage Therapy, Remedial Massage

Cupping is the application of vacuum to the skin surface for the therapeutic effect. The cups come in many varied forms, but muscle therapy prefers the use of glass and hospital grade silicone cups, combining both eastern and western traditions. Cupping can be used in combinations with massage, or as a standalone treatment. Cupping is most commonly used for things such as the cold, flu, hayfever, infections and external pathogenic infections. Cupping is also of great benefit in the treatment of tight muscles, soft tissue injuries and muscular conditions. Depending on the ailment and the application of the cups, cupping can provide anything from a sedating effect, to a tonifying and rejuvenating experience. The most common misconception is that the cups are full of fire and burn you - this is actually not the case. The glass cups are from Vietnam, the body of the cup is thin in nature, with a rounded thin lip and smooth. This type of cup allows is ideal for internal heating and then using it as a heated massage tool. The cups are heated by introducing a flame to the inside of the cup and held there whilst the other hand twirls the cup around the flame; every few seconds the flame is removed from the inside of the cup and the cup rotated. This allows for even heating of the cup to ensure the correct temperature and suction.

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