Improved research findings give cost advantages

Improved research findings give cost advantages from Derham Marketing Research

By: Derham Marketing Research  08-Nov-2012

The problem with researching for clients is that they generally want to keep the advantages we find to themselves and not share with competitors. So, to give an illustration of our work, we looked at an example of market research we undertook to improve the research we do. Research shows that telephone and face-to-face interviewing tend to get better responses if particular types of people do the interviewing, with, of course cost implications. We use online surveys extensively and wanted to see if the people interviewed responded differently to different groups of people. The results are reported in Quirk's Marketing Research Review under the title: No need for a woman’s touch? The impact of gender in e-mailed survey invitations. The findings are that in the Australian context, the gender of the email invitation sender does not influence the response rates achieved in online surveys, and in online surveys, women answer questions as openly as do men. The cost advantages are that any staff member, not just selected staff members, could send out invitations; and that both will get sound responses, giving better results to clients - and at no premium cost. Savings all round. For more information, contact Philip Derham.

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